What to look for in a dedicated plumber’s insurance policy

What to look for in a dedicated plumber’s insurance policy

If you are a plumber, you might already be familiar with various insurance products which tend to be commonly recommended to people in various trades, not just plumbing. “Public liability insurance” and “employer’s liability insurance” are usually mentioned especially often.

However, as a plumber, you regularly take on risks that are unique to your trade. For this reason, it’s worth looking for an insurance policy that is dedicated to plumbers’ use.

As an employer, you would have this insurance obligation

Plumbers can carry out their work in many different capacities. Perhaps you are a sole trader or run your own business, with many other plumbers under your wing. In either instance, insurance is something about which you should be thinking.

In some cases, it might not be possible – either practically or legally – to forgo insurance. Consider the example of employer’s liability insurance, which is typically a legal necessity for employers, says the Planning Portal website – whether the employers recruit contractors or casual or temporary workers.

Without that particular cover, a high fine could be imposed. That’s before you stop to consider compensation which you might need to pay out of your own pocket if an employee becomes ill or injured due to plumbing work that they carry out on your firm’s behalf.

Protect public property with insurance, too

So, what about public liability insurance? This could come into play if, while working in someone’s home, you inadvertently lead it to incur damage. For example, you might fit some taps incorrectly – a blunder which could result in that property picking up flooding-related damage.

Though public liability insurance is not compulsory at a national, legal level, you could soon find that it becomes necessary in practice. The Federation of Small Businesses cautions that your firm’s membership of a body might depend on your firm holding a minimum level of public liability cover. Similarly, some clients might insist on a specific level before you can do business with them.

What other insurances should you consider?

Your day-to-day challenges when fulfilling plumbing responsibilities might make other forms of insurance worth your serious consideration. Such insurances include tools insurance, which can account for tools that are misplaced, damaged or stolen. Legal expenses cover is another option.

Taking out all of the coverage that you might need as a plumber is not necessarily as arduous as you might be fearing. It can actually turn out to be delightfully straightforward, provided that you turn to the right insurance provider.

Consider Tradesman Saver, a group of insurance specialists who allow you to fully customise a policy to give yourself the plumbers insurance you really need. You can tailor your policy through the online quote form on the Tradesman Saver website.

Public liability, financial loss, products liability and legal expenses cover are all automatically provided with plumbers insurance from this company. The palette of optional covers features employer’s liability, tools, equipment, business contents and professional indemnity insurance. Your cover will apply as soon as you buy it from Tradesman Saver.

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