10 Tips for Choosing the Right Kitchen and Bathroom Colors

10 Tips for Choosing the Right Kitchen and Bathroom Colors

Choosing the right color for your home can be quite tricky, especially if you are color blind and you have no clue how to combine colors. In addition, the color choices can sometimes be very pricy which adds up a lot of stress to the entire experience. If you start thinking about changing the colors in your kitchen or bathroom that can seem expensive as the tiles and the cabinets are often there to stay.

You can get ideas how to decorate your space from almost everywhere, but not all colors will work the same in different spaces. The idea is to find the right color that will bring out the best in your room. To help you with this we have made a selection of a few things you need to pay attention to if you want to make sure the colors you choose are the right ones for you.

Choosing the right color

  1. Pick only the colors you like and those that will evoke emotions in you. The green color can be perfect for someone’s kitchen whereas for others it might be a real nightmare.
  2. It is okay to choose brighter or saturated colors for your bathroom or kitchen. These rooms are usually covered with tiles so there isn’t much wall for you to paint. The little that is left can accentuate the elements in your kitchen or bathroom and add a special touch.
  3. Be flexible. Your plan can change and there is nothing wrong about it.
  4. Pick one element that you like the most and start from there. Don’t buy things until you have researched everything and you know that you can find the things you like.
  5. Always start from the element that is most difficult to combine. It would be much easier for you to combine the color of your walls or the cabinets with the color of your floor or tiles.
  6. When choosing colors, do it under proper lighting. Pick the colors you like and see how they look both under daylight and artificial light in the room you plan to use them. Sometimes the soft blue and green color can look very fresh in morning light, but under incandescent light it might be a bit dull.
  7. Keep the granite and countertops in neutral and versatile colors. When you decide it’s time for a new change it will be a lot easier for you to combine them with your new ideas.
  8. For your cabinets always consider the undertones of the actual wood. Some types of wood give a warmer feeling whereas others give a colder one.
  9. Backsplashes can be important too. However often it can be easier to combine them with your countertops or tiles. Here we apply the rule from before – choose the most difficult element first and match everything else with it.
  10. If you are redecorating your bathroom, then instead of choosing the color of the walls first, go with the tiles. Both the tiles and the wall paint come in many colors but it might be easier for you to find a matching color rather than a matching tile. Plus most of the bathroom will be covered with tiles so it makes sense to choose them first.

When it comes down to colors there isn’t any rule as to which color goes where, but some colors do look better in the kitchen whereas others shine in the bathroom. For your bathroom you can go with something soft, like coral, and for the kitchen you might try a bolder color, like green. If nothing seems to work for you then you can’t go wrong with white.

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