A Guide To Hardware and Fixture Finishes

A Guide To Hardware and Fixture Finishes

Very often it’s the details that make the home look fancy and well decorated. Believe it or not these small things can make a big difference. All the faucets, the different lighting, your door knobs, the outlet covers or even floor vents can make the entire room look special. These finishes come in different shapes and sizes and can be made of several materials. Let’s take a look at some of the most common materials used for this purpose.


The chrome finishes are considered to be the most neutral ones and they can easily be combined in any space. The chrome has a high shine which makes the finishes look expensive and the reflexive properties add to its dramatic appearance. Although the chrome finishes can look good in many designs, they are most popular in the contemporary homes. Don’t forget that because of their high shine they easily get dirty and you can spot all  smudges and fingerprints so be prepared for a lot of cleaning up in case you decide to go with chrome finishes.


The nickel is also considered as a neutral finish and it is usually available in two variations, brushed or satin nickel. Unlike the chrome, it is not so shiny but it can still give a special touch to every up-scale home. Due to its neutral color you can easily match the finish with the other colors you have in your home.


If you are looking for something more affordable that will give your house an elegant finish, then you can go with brass. The brass is usually a shiny metal, but it can also come in its variation which is known as antique brass. The antique brass has darker color and it is textured which can show you have style. You can easily combine the brass both in modern homes and old-fashioned ones.


For those that have some money to spend, the golden finish can be a good choice. Although this material seemed to have lost its popularity, it is now ready for a comeback. It is very elegant and can make every room look luxurious. If you are looking for something to accentuate your space, gold is the right choice.


Bronze has always been a popular color, especially for those who favor antique decorations. If you have a white kitchen, the bronze finishes will give an excellent contrast and make the room look stylish and fun.

Black faucet

Those homes that aim at giving people a rustic feeling would look perfect with the black faucet finishes. If you add some antique elements to it, it would be a real hit. The black faucet is very simple so it can easily be combined even in the modern or contemporary homes so don’t be afraid to try it out and see how it would look.

A few style tips:

There is no need to use the same fixtures in the entire house. In fact there is no need to use them in the same room. Instead try to mix those that seem to match and you will be amazed by the effect you’ll get.

The best thing is to try and combine the newest trends with something that is old fashioned, timeless. This combination will help you blend two eras into a compact present and create a space where you will enjoy spending time. If you are not sure how to decorate your home, then ask for some professional help. Find someone who is capable of understanding your needs, a person who can identify your vision and easily turn it into a complete project. This person must be creative and be willing to think outside the box by combining items most would think it’s impossible to match.

Once you find that person don’t be afraid to share your ideas and be open for suggestions. Two heads always think better than one and together you will be able to design a space which you will be proud of.

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