Installation and Maintenance of Fire Alarm System

Installation and Maintenance of Fire Alarm System

Are you looking for fire alarm services in London? A fire alarm is an essential component to ensure the safety of your family and business in case of a fire emergency. We all hope not to be in a situation of ever needing a fire alarm but, it can save lives. It is, therefore, better to be safe. Get fire alarm repair and maintenance services to ensure it works well at all times. According to the law, workplaces and homes should have a working fire alarm system.

Safety should always be a top priority at your home or the workplace. All landlords should provide their tenants with a gas certificate and electrical certificate to prove the safety of their property. Installing a fire alarm system is the best way to ensure everyone is alerted in case of a fire.  For a fire alarm to work as expected during an emergency proper installation, maintenance, and testing is essential. 

Functions of a fire alarm system.

  1. Fire detection.

To detect fire a smoke detector, automatic sprinkler system with water flow switches, and manual pull stations should be installed. 

  1. Notify the local fire department.

The fire alarm signals should be transmitted automatically to the local fire department. Alerting the fire department enables them to get to the scene in time to extinguish the fire before it gets too big. 

  1. Alert the building occupants.

Use both visible and audible alarms to notify the occupants of the building. 

What causes fire alarm system failure? 

  1. Poor programming.

The fire alarm technicians should be well trained and experienced in programming sophisticated fire alarm equipment. If the fire alarm programming is poor, it can lead to dire consequences. 

  1. Lack of maintenance.

Ensure your alarm system is operating safely by getting your fire alarm system is regularly inspected, tested, and maintained. Some of the issues experienced by fire alarm equipment include:

  • Dead batteries.
  • A problem in programming.
  • System ground faults.
  • Sprinkler heads and detectors are clogged.
  1. Wear and tear of the equipment.

Repair and maintenance ensure the fire alarm equipment works well despite the wear and tear. 

  1. Fire detection system’s age.

If the fire detection system is outdated, additional inspection and maintenance are required. Seek professional advice to know if your alarm system needs an upgrade. 

  1. Fire detection equipment is placed improperly.

Common fire alarm repairs.

  • Smoke sensors recalibration.
  • Troubleshooting circuit boards failures.
  • Replacement of speakers and worn-out parts.
  • Replace the strobe lights used to alert people on the property about the fire.
  • The alarms are reconnected so that if smoke is detected in a single unit, all fire alarms go off.


A fully qualified and experienced engineer should inspect, test, and service the fire alarm system. Repair and maintain faulty fire alarm systems and stay warned in case of a fire outbreak. Fire alarm system failure is due to poor programming, improperly placed fire detection equipment, age of fire detection system, wear and tear of equipment, and lack of maintenance.


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