Hire A Mini Digger

Hire A Mini Digger

What are Diggers/Excavators?

Mini excavators look for machines that are usually the same size as a normal skid steer loader but have a very different purpose. These include a heavy-duty stick that interfaces with multiple attachments and a mounted blade. To be considered mining, a machine would typically weigh 10,000 pounds, or less than 5 tons, although this principle is not strictly followed.

Small diggers, also called compact excavators, are primarily valued by small hydraulic diggers for their expertise and ability to work in narrow or narrow areas where large diggers Can’t.

How to hire a mini digger?

If you are hiring a mini digger, some rental companies like Boels mini digger hire you the option of hiring with or without a driver.

Usually hiring a driver with a mini-excavator will increase the daily rate by between £ 50 and £ 100, so running the excavator yourself can save you some money.

Many of the cases in which people overturn excavators are on rough or sloping terrain. If you’re a mini excavator newbie, you’ll definitely want to start with a flat, level part to get used to. If the site you are working on is slipping, you need to seriously consider whether you will be safe while operating the money finder there.

Here are 8 things to consider when hiring a mini  digger

We’ve put 8 things together when hiring a mini digger. These are probably all aspects of the job that you need to think about anyway, so when dealing with the project management of a small construction job, it is always important to keep these in mind:

  • Are there any utility services for excavation in this area?
  • How deep do I need to dig?
  • What is the condition of the area for excavation?
  • What do I want to do with the excavated material?
  • Are there any restrictions on access or work?
  • How much time does this project require?
  • How much will the rental cost?
  • Do I need insurance?

Depending on your site, the company offers standard and limited tail swing options, so you can fit it in tight spaces.

If you are working on a small site with limited space to work, you should check out our limited swing excavator of 1.5 to 1.7 tons. Limited tail swing refers to the position of the taxi, which reduces the chances of the excavator closing at the rear end, eliminating the surrounding speed.


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