Pros and Cons of Velux Windows

Pros and Cons of Velux Windows

Velux windows are growing increasingly popular, especially at this time of year, as the trend for interiors become more abstract and natural lighting takes a forefront in home design. However, are Velux windows worth the investment and time, or will they end up becoming the bane of your life?


Maximise natural lighting in your home

With the addition of Velux windows, you enable the space to be filled with as much natural light as possible. Due to the placement of Velux windows (in the roof), the light can flow directly through without the worry of being lost at any time of the day – a downfall of standard windows – as the sun moves across the sky.

Smart and easy to use

Some Velux windows are built with smart technology in them such as element detecting sensors. For example, the sensor will note when it is raining and put in motion for the windows to be closed. If you are a homeowner who would prefer to make this decision and open and close the windows manually, then it is possible to purchase a remote control for these windows as well.

Velux provides the full package

Alongside purchasing the smart windows from Velux, the company also manufacture their own custom blinds and have an abundance of qualified glaziers up and down the country who can fit both the windows and blinds in your home.

Yes, Velux windows are slightly pricier than your average windows, but the opportunity to let more light in is priceless. Making the most of space that you don’t do anything with otherwise, the installation doesn’t require any considerable changes to your structure, working out to not be as expensive as you may have initially thought.


Amplifies noise from the outside

The desired positioning of Velux windows does mean that any sound from the outside, including rain, is intensified throughout the room. Therefore, if the room that contains said Velux window is a study or bedroom, this can become a distraction for the person occupying the room.

Keeping them clean is a chore

Because of the slant in the roof, substantial condensation build-up is common for Velux windows. The positioning of the window makes it a great deal harder to clean. Remember, if you’re a clean freak and considering Velux windows, these might not be the best fit for you.

Notably, the pros in this argument outweigh the cons, and if you’re an interior design fanatic, these windows are the best way to optimise the level of natural light filtering into your home. With most glazing companies, they’ll produce a free quote detailing which Velux windows will be the best option for you and where in your house they will have the most impact – guaranteeing that you’ll make the right decision.

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