Aluminium Windows Durham Aluminium windows in Durham

Aluminium Windows Durham Aluminium windows in Durham

We are a renowned Aluminium windows company operating in Durham. Our company was founded over 20 years ago with the purpose of providing beautifully designed, durable aluminium windows for residential and commercial properties in Durham. Since then, we have delivered a superior range of aluminium windows, which are adorned with unique designs that assist in various functions. We produce high-quality aluminium windows by using high-quality raw materials. Our windows are competitively priced and come in a range of designs and dimensions. We produce our aluminium windows under these guidelines –

Quality Precision

We design windows that are not only functional but also beautifully crafted. We also give our windows character. By using cutting-edge technology, we design and make windows that give your home a soul. Every aluminium window frame or panel we build is done with quality and care in mind.

Stunning Design

Aluminium Windows Durham appreciation for beauty is evident in every window we make. Our technicians are window artists and take care in producing quality designs for you. We provide specialised aluminium windows that will fit into any property in Durham, whether it’s private or commercial.

Fine Techniques

We are confident about the quality of our work because of our highly skilled craftsmen. The competence of our work can be seen all throughout the planning, design, creation, and installation processes. We always ensure that disruptions are kept to a minimum during installation by using both innovative technologies and our professionalism. Many a home in Durham have a mark of our quality aluminium windows.

Excellent Customer Service

Any worthy company needs more than just professionalism and craftsmanship in order to succeed. We have trained every member of our staff in the art of customer service. We ensure that you are happy with our work every step of the way as you are the reason we make aluminium windows. We pay heed to your requirements before beginning, keep you informed during later stages and finally guide you regarding your window maintenance. This way you are well-aware of the project’s development and finally, we give you tips on how to maintain your aluminium windows.

Types of Aluminium Windows we make in Durham

We supply a range of aluminium windows and installation services to you at Aluminium Windows Durham. Homes and offices can benefit from the beauty and durability of aluminium windows.

Aluminium Bi-Fold Window Services

Open your home to the outdoors with Aluminium Windows Durham bi-fold windows. Our bi-fold windows are built using high-quality steel and foam-wrapped compression seals, giving you the durability you deserve. Our bi-fold windows have –

  • Rollers, hinges and handles made from superior quality stainless steel.
  • Flush locks to secure the windows.
  • Installation of foam-covered PVC compression seals between sashes and window frames.
  • For seamless gliding, we use tracks at head and sill.

We offer a wide range of glazing options and with our flexible configuration options, we can cater for those larger windows (up to 5.7m width). You can have your window made of either simple glass or bar glazing designs, painted according to your desires and configured in various window styles. Let your home in Durham get noticed with our fabulous aluminium windows.

Aluminium Awning Window Installations

Awning windows are great for tropical climates or just those who like a little fresh air as it can be used even in adverse weather. Aluminium Windows Durham aluminium windows are hinged above and sealed around for efficient weatherproofing. These windows keep your house well-ventilated in all seasons. Aluminium awning windows feature –

  • Key lockable chain winder made from stainless steel.
  • A foldaway handle with the chain winder to keep the shades away.
  • Protection from weather conditions through foam wrapped seals.
  • Sometimes our clients in Durham prefer varnishing their aluminium windows.
  • You can also have your windows protected by insect safety screens.
  • Our aluminium awning windows come with plain glass as well as various bar glazing designs to suit your taste.

Casement Windows made of Fine Aluminium

Casement windows are another great way of getting fresh air into the home. The changing airflows are easily leveraged by making a small adjustment to the window. Unlike other casement windows that remain open due to friction, Aluminium Windows Durham allows you to opt for a heavy duty iron winder for smooth functioning. To keep the bugs out, we use aluminium insect screen on the inside that matches your windows. Features of aluminium casement windows include –

  • A key locked cam-catch for weather protection.
  • Panes opening up to 90 degrees to enhance air flow.
  • Full weatherproofing achieved by foam-wrapped seal
  • You can choose from various varnishing options, plain or bar glazed glasses and different styles of window configuration.

Double Hung Aluminium Windows

Aluminium double hung windows by Aluminium Windows Durham are another option for ventilation of your home. By allowing you to open the top sash for two of them at the same time, it gives you total control over the amount of air you let in at a particular time. For smooth opening and shutting of aluminium windows, Aluminium Windows Durham uses flexible spring balances. Top features –

  • Flexible spring balances for smooth operations.
  • A key locked cam-catch to seal for weather protection.
  • Interlocking mechanism makes windows stronger.
  • Removable insect screens to prevent bugs from entering through windows.
  • You have the option to glaze your windows or leave them plain.
  • You can also select standard colours or change them according to your aesthetics.

Sliding Aluminium Windows

Sliding aluminium windows by Aluminium Windows Durham allow you to enjoy your view of Durham streets through slim, modest frames. Good quality seals and performance glass protect your home against harsh weather conditions. When you feel like letting the breeze in, just slide the window aside on our noise-free, frictionless nylon rollers.

Top features –

  • Interlocks for extra strength
  • Easily adjustable height key locks
  • Sealing around the frame for weatherproofing
  • Easily removable screens

The Aluminium Window Journey

Aluminium Windows Durham helps you design the aluminium windows according to taste. We start by listening to your requirements during an initial consultation process. We take our gatherings back to our headquarters to begin the proc


ess. After that, we manufacture your window and install it in place. We keep you updated during the entire process to ensure everything goes as you desire. Contact us with the following address to book a discussion session.

Get in touch –

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