Builders’ merchant market is set for 2016 boost

According to a report from the MTW Research on the builders’ merchant market, a surprising 70% of merchants have recorded increase in the revenue and profitability for 2015 with a forecast for more sales in 2016.

The research notes a growth in the heavyside sales during 2015, which is good news for those who supply the construction industry with building products. The report says that ever since 2014, the domestic new builds and the renovations of the commercial facilities have […]

Women in Architecture Awards 2016: shortlists revealed

The shortlisted candidates for the Woman Architect of the Year and the Moira Gemmill Prize for Emerging Architecture have been announced and it is time to take a look at their work. The lists include women who are leading figures in the design industry coming from all over the world, such as England, Mexico, Spain, Germany, Italy, China, Japan, Sweden, Finland and the USA.

In the category for the Woman Architect of the Year there are four female architects that […]

Spotlight: Louis Kahn

Louis Kahn is one of the greatest architects of the 20th century. He was born in Itze-Leib Schmuilowsky in Pärnu, which today is Estonia. When he was a child he and his family migrated to Philadelphia which is where Kahn lived his entire live. He created his distinctive style in his early 50s and even though he had only two decades to confirm his method of work, as he died on the age of 73 (February 20th 1901 – […]

Stephen Fry to Join the Building & Construction Industry at Ecobuild 2016

The Uk’s largest show that works on topics from the construction industry and the energy sector, Ecobuild 2016, has announced Stephen Fry as their special guest star. Stephen Fry to join the building & construction industry at Ecobuild 2016 is a show you mustn’t miss. The writer, actor and campaigner would be one of the many leaders and experts in the construction industry that took part on this show.

The interview will be conducted by Will Gompertz, who is the […]

Engineering growth

Fourth-quarter 2015 engineering & construction industry mergers and acquisitions analysis
In this post we will do a short overview of the latest results of the M&A and present our expectations for the future developments in the construction industry.

The construction companies were mostly focused on investing in their principal competencies and increasing the quality of their work.
In the last quarter of the previous year, the companies offering building material were focused on improving their position on the market and making better […]

HIPPOBAG Is the Perfect Skip Hire Alternative

Why choose a HIPPOBAG?

It is cheaper than a skip
You can buy the bag and the collection package online and use the opportunity to get the bag for free
It will help you get rid of your waste immediately
It comes in three sizes so you pay only for the amount of waste you have

With the HIPPOBAGS you can skip hire. If you have never done it before, it might be a daunting task so it would be a lot easier to […]

Should I replace my sash windows?

I live in a house with draughty wooden frame sash windows, should I replace them?
This is something many people ask us. Why? Because there are a lot of homes in the UK that have these types of windows and people are trying to find a way to get the most out of them and make them energy efficient.

What is a better option to draught proof them or do a complete restoration?
Is it better to switch to standard double-glazing?
What are […]

10 construction industry trends to watch in 2016

What are the 10 construction industry trends to watch in 2016?
The New Year always brings new trends and new opportunities, so the construction industry, like any other, is now looking ahead towards the new challenges. According to some analysis this year is expected to be very strong for those into the construction business as the estimated growth is around 6%, which would mean a value of around $712 billion for the construction professionals

Lack of experienced professionals

The previous year already […]

How to Become a Civil Engineer

Want to Start a Rewarding Career in Civil Engineering?
Being a civil engineer can be very fun and open new horizons. To support this statement, we can see many civil engineers who instead of working in their field they have decided to work with designs or combine the two passions into one compact whole. If you are looking into this option here is How to Become a Civil Engineer.

Understand the work span. The career of a civil engineer can be […]

Vision 2016 – An interview with Matt Underhill, Event Director

Matt Underhill, the Event Director for Vision 2016, is sharing his impressions of the two day showcase and the success of the inaugural event from last year. Here is what he had to say to some of the questions.
What is Vision London? What is this even aiming to achieve and what are its main goals?

Vision London is an event that is being held on the 7th and 8th June at London Olympia. A number of architects, specifiers and their […]