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Surveyors and Valuers in the UK

The category of surveyors and valuers revolves around highly specialized services with respect to valuation of movable as well as immovable assets in the UK. However, the process requires a proper inspection of the asset, a detailed market survey and its analysis and subsequently, the valuation. Thus, these surveyors and valuers exhibit extensive knowledge about all valuable assets so they are able to tactfully inspect them for the condition they are in. Moreover, they also have the technical skills to analyze the supply and demand aspect of the assets. Some of the areas of their expertise include property management, project management, public lands administration and asset valuation.

Service Description

Surveying and valuing assets is a job with a huge responsibility. The main qualities that must be demonstrated by them in addition to the required training include insightfulness, a knack for numbers, aptitude and a genuine interest in the field to be successful. There different tiers of surveying and valuing and it varies according to the customer. The first and the most basic tier comprises of is a general idea of the condition of the asset and then estimating its worth. The second tier goes in a little deep and conducts certain tests to discover the condition of the asset, including a good research on the value of the asset. The third and the last tier goes up a notch with an even more detailed report that includes additional tests done on the asset to ascertain its strength and durability along with a written report that states all the details.


These surveyors and valuers provide premier services to add value to the customer experience. They ensure and double check all figures for accuracy and are a punctual group who pride themselves in delivering timely reports. All surveyors are accredited by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) which makes them credible and gain trust of the clients.

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