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This category includes UK-based Landscape Architects who take up a variety of design projects across the country. Landscape architects counsel and supervise the construction of landmarks and structures like parks, grounds, housing, historic and cultural sites, entertainment facilities, offices and industrial sites. The architects are involved in the project from start to finish. They focus on every aspect of design, planning and aesthetics in the construction, management and maintenance of architectural environment in rural, urban and suburban areas.

Service Description

When handling different types of architectural projects, these experts are in charge of some of the most sensitive and challenging tasks, which they undertake skillfully and complete seamlessly. These tasks include surveying the site; discussing clients’ needs; writing reports; making plans, designs and structures; using CAD; producing contracts and costs; preparing and presenting proposals to clients for approval; overseeing projects, etc. Landscape architects are generally based in a specific location and visit different sites as required. They may even take up projects abroad.

Typically, landscape architects in the UK work in private consultancies, local authorities, and/or construction companies. All architects have acquired a bachelor’s degree of 4 years from reputed landscape institutes to qualify as professionals and to prove their skill and experience in the area. They are very knowledgeable about their profession and possess strong communication skills which allow them to fulfill their clients’ needs to the letter. They are very creative and imaginative, and they integrate this creativity into their work, generating stunning and appealing designs.


All UK-based companies hire well-educated and experienced architects who can deliver effective landscape solutions. With their intricate knowledge of architectural engineering, they are able to play a central role in the design and construction of important sites and landmarks in the country. Their skill and expertise allows them to handle both basic and technical projects with equally successful results.

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