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Business Advice franchises & Coaching franchises for sale UK

business advisory franchises ukIf you are passionate about helpings others find their way in business, then business advice franchises UK are probably for you. These business advisory franchises span a whole range of useful business skillsets that allow you to put your unique skills and experiences to work to solve complex business problems. In terms of franchises the business advisory and coaching franchises industry is one of the newer industries and is poised to grow in the coming years. The largest reason for the growth in the business advisory franchises and coaching franchises sector a trickle down of increasing regulatory complexity to smaller and smaller businesses. Many of the entrepreneurs that own these UK businesses for sale do everything themselves, but in the face of increased regulations are simply burning out. As an example 20 years ago most small businesses would have done their own accounting and bookkeeping. Now most rely on an accountant to help them do their books and maximize their tax efficiency. There are many areas where business advisory franchises UK and coaching franchises are poised to help businesses and individuals to reach their goals. We have listed them below, the reality is the business advisory and coaching franchise section is very diverse and filled with a range of opportunities.

  • Leadership Coaching – Leadership coaching has the advantage of helping a business set goals and reach them. A business leadership coach will work with the management of the company to grow the management group and build it into a team with a common direction. The primary focus of leadership coaching is working with the individual managers and executives to help them deliver on their piece of the project.
  • Business Coaching – Business coaching is somewhat like leadership coaching except it involves working with the business, and all of its employees from the very top to the very bottom. This would mean working with management on the overall plan, and helping the business to coach the front line employees, and the managers to help the business reach its goals by achieving what is required of them.
  • Fix it Businesses – Franchises in the fix it sector, focus on selling their expertise to fix business problems. Troubled businesses call on them to work with the business on a turn around plan. As a field it is not only emerging quickly but is a very rewarding place to start your career owning a franchise. Long hours, and a passion for business are a must in this sector.
  • Transition Planning – The baby boom generation is nearing the point of retirement and many in their generation have been responsible for creating and running a great number of businesses. However, since many of these businesses are small and medium, gaining financing from a bank for a buy out by the next generation is difficult. A transition planner works with the business owner to identify and train suitable candidates to buy out the business-using seller financing.
  • Cost Management – Every business is constantly struggling to manage costs. This has become more important over the last decade as the UK and European economy have stagnated and more or less stopped growing. For business it has meant sales growth has slowed or all together stopped, and this growth was historically used as a buffer against increasing costs. As far as business advisory and coaching franchises go cost management is as complex as they come. If you are creative, innovative, and think outside of the box this one if for you.
  • Accounting and Tax – Franchises in the area of accounting and tax are about the oldest business advisory franchises one could choose to invest in. The good news for a would be franchisee is the sector is less than saturated, and the growth in the complexity of tax and accounting regulations, mean more time is required of accountants by each company. Further, most people do not enjoy, and do not have a talent for accounting and tax policy this provides a natural barrier to entry to the business. Accountants can further build a good business in an accounting or tax franchise by earning the trust of legions of businesses that will return annually to have their files sorted.

Business Advice Franchises – Franchise Investment

business advisory franchises ukThe business advisory franchises and coaching franchises sector has a large diversity of players with unique products and business opportunities. In this same vein the costs associated with joining these franchises range from nothing (just royalties paid on operation) to £75,000. As a sector business advisory and coaching have lower than average franchise startup costs, largely because of the lack of need for physical infrastructure. Many of these business can be operated on a work from home basis.

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